Myrtleville, Fennell’s Bay and Crosshaven, brought to life in exhibition of mixed media paintings by Louisa Schewe

Join us for the opening of Louisa Schewe‘s exhibition of paintings and mixed media works in Cronin’s Pub, Crosshaven, on Wednesday, 12 July 2015 at 8pm.

The artist’s work is a combination of oil painting and photography, inspired by her local surroundings of Myrtleville, Fennell’s Bay and Crosshaven. Many of the pieces are large scale, up to 1.5 metres in size and capture abstract representations merged with realistic textures and details of the coastal landscape.

“My process of making artwork involves various stages. First inspiration is sourced from the local natural environment by observation and the documentation of the surroundings with photography. Second, collages are prepared of the photographs that develop into abstract representations of the landscape. Lastly, the painting process commences whereby the collages and personal experiences are referred to as sources of information. The completed paintings often fuse realistic and abstract styles to depict landscapes in a vivid sense.“

The exhibition will run until Sunday, August 9th in Cronin’s Pub, Crosshaven. The space is open daily to the public. As well as artists’ exhibitions, the busy seaside pub hosts music and outdoor BBQs each Sunday throughout the summer and an exciting seafood focused menu for both lunch and dinner throughout the week.

An exhibition of Cork crafters Carmel Smyth, Roser Perez Barrett, Claire Greene, Veronica Kelleher and Mandy Dale will follow on August 12, and will form part of Cork Craft Month programme.

Louisa Schewe Exhibition