An exhibition of paintings and collage by Ellen Barrett (22 January – 9 March 2014)


Visit us in Cronins for the exhibition opening of abstracted coastal imagery by Roches Point based artist Ellen Barrett. 

“My work is about responding to the objects, people and places I know. I take inspiration from the coastline where I reclaim objects such as nets, shells, rocks and driftwood. Structures such as lighthouses, boats and beacons are significant in my work. Lights at sea, though delicate and small against the enormity of the ocean are powerful aids to man, their gentleness hiding their importance and power, like the importance a kind word spoken or seemingly insignificant gesture, yet significant to a person who is lost or hurt. The lifeboat is another important symbol in my work as it represents faith and love amidst difficult circumstances, giving hope to the drowning and to those afraid and in danger.”

Looking forward to seeing you there.

Exhibition is open daily and runs until March 9th.

Poster 4

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