Exhibition of watercolours by Marius Badenhorst – opening May 15th

South African artist and Carrigaline resident Marius Badenhorst is set to exhibit a series of new watercolor paintings and pastel drawings in the Mad Fish restaurant at Cronin’s Pub, Crosshaven. The exhibition, which will open on Wednesday May 15th and runs until June 30th, is a showcase of his latest series of lighthouses, local scenes and reflections of Cork. Strongly influenced by the sea and his immediate surrounds, the collection depicts his favorite Irish spots including Drakes Pool and the Owenabue river.

Marius’ background is as a trained architect give him a particular appreciation for classic and historic buildings and he loves to capture the fleeting light and moments of shadows on these buildings, indigenous Irish trees and reflections on the water. He is also intrigued by the beauty and tranquillity along the Owenabue estuary as it winds its way from Carrigaline all the ways to Crosshaven and Cork harbour.

His artistic style and drawing practice has been strongly influenced Dr Betty Edwards’s “Drawing on the right hand side of the brain”. Today Marius together with his Landscape Architect wife Marié Hugo, presents private art classes based on this book to children and adults who have an interest in learning to sketch.

The exhibition will be held in the Mad Fish Restaurant, at Cronin’s Pub, Crosshaven. This historic pub has been showcasing artistic talent for a number of years. Upcoming exhibitions this summer include a group show of batik, felting, knitting and needlework by the in-house Knit & Natter group and artists Molly Ellis, Peter Foley and Veronica Kelleher which will open on July 3rd .

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