Red-dy Steady COOK!!!!

We are looking forward to the third Irish Red Head Convention in aid of the Irish Cancer Society, taking place in Crosshaven village on August 18th 2012. There will be lots of things happening throughout the village square, Cronin’s Pub, Rivers End Cafe, Retro Hair Salon and the Merries. Part of the line up includes a carrot tossing competition, freckle counting competitions, fire eating, red hair dying, photography for redheads… the list is pretty endless, and all for a great cause.

But, the event we are most excited about this year, and new to the Foxy Festival is the Ginger Chef Cook-off!. Denis Cronin will go head to head with Kate Lawlor of Fenn’s Quay, Cork city. This will be priceless, as the mystery list of ingredients are only made up of red foods. Think tomatoes, red kidney beans, red meat, red lentils. Bit of a challenge alright! The prize is the prestigious title of ginger Chef of the year and 24 golden carrots – organic of course!

To see this spectacle of events, come to Crosshaven, all day on the 18th of August. The cook off takes place at 12.30pm for one hour.

For more information, check out the Redhead Convention website here

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