Rum Doodle #5 : Now the D’s

A Rumdoodle number 5

Now this is not really a review, or a critique. It’s just a doodle, I am way too relaxed to criticise anything or anyone, unless its moronic drivers who don’t understand the concepts of dipping beams or using indicators. The Greek dark ages, the miscalculation of pharonic  dynasties, or all that Celtic drivel. So, maybe not that relaxed. I mean what’s not to like when it comes to rum. If you cant sip it, add ice, then a wedge of lime, a splash of mixer, a whole bottle of mixer.

Now the D’s;

Diplomatica Aneja Gold. From Venezuala. A 12 year old, blend of ‘copper pot still’ rum’s. (The age of a blended rum is dependant on the age of the youngest rum blended), winner of the most awards, in the rum world apparently. Medium dark, a very small splash of mixer makes it a rich, and smooth tasting rum, very nearly a sipper.

Doorleys Fine Old Rum. From Barbados and the R.L.Seales distillery. Mollasses based rum aged in used whiskey barrels and finished of in sherry barrels. Smooth smoky finish, with fruit nuts and spice. A smooth sipping rum.

While we are on the D’s lets correct a bit of history regarding the ‘Declaration of Independence’ shall we. The Americans were upset about paying tax, nothing new there. Incidentally the tax was required to pay for a recent war between the British and French. And if there is something worse than being Canadian in American eyes, it’s being French. And the main target for this tax was the importation of rum from the Caribbean, which was a lucrative and often clandestine trade. Can you imagine the Americans going to war over tea? At least they had the good sense to ditch the tea into the harbour, probably already drunk the rum. I suspect, American history was written by the temperance leagues.


Regards Pat.

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