“Shots from a dark light” photographic exhibition at Cronin’s Pub, Crosshaven

Photographer and marine biologist, Mick Mackey returns to Cronin’s Pub and the Mad Fish Restaurant, Crosshaven this month with his photographic exhibition and study ‘Shots from a Dark Light; 900 Days on Bird Island, South Georgia’.

This striking collection of photographs is his first solo exhibition in over 5 years and was premiered at Cork’s Vision Centre in 2013. The dramatic collection captures not only the harsh Antarctic conditions that constantly confront the animals that inhabit this vast and lonely island but also the vivid beauty of its unspoilt and untouched environment.

Mackey’s 30 month trip to the Antartic was not for the fainthearted. In winter, temperatures drop to -10C, and the small team of biologists are completely isolated from the outside world for long periods. However, this is one of the most biologically dense areas on earth; it is estimated that there is a bird or seal for every 1.5m² of the 400 hectare island.

“The unique opportunity to work closely with such an absorbing and attractive group of animals over such a long period, allowed me to collate one of the most comprehensive photographic collections ever to be made in the polar environment” says Mackey.

The photographs featured in this compelling exhibition include wandering Albatross and their chicks, Antarctic Fur Seals, Macaroni Penguins and many more of the Island’s charismatic and hardy creatures.

‘Shots from a Dark Light; 900 Days on Bird Island, South Georgia’ will open in Cronin’s Pub on Wednesday 19th March at 8pm. All are welcome to attend. The exhibition will be open to the public daily and runs until May 11th.

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