Cronins Craft Beer Night Crosshaven Co Cork

TOP OF THE HOPS at Cronins Pub

Cronins Craft Beer Night Crosshaven Co Cork

Cronin’s Pub has a real love and appreciation for Craft beers of all tastes and varieties. We are thrilled to see the rise in the number of craft beer brewers in Ireland who are creating some magnificent ales and bringing the art back into brewing and long supported them in our pub.

Here in Cronin’s Pub we offer a unique and diverse range of Craft beers and Ciders and are constantly on the look out for new exciting brews to share with our customers.

To celebrate the craft beer revolution we are proud to present or craft beer tasting night, “Top of the Hops” live at Cronin’s Bar, in association with Barry & Fitzwilliam Premium Drinks Company.

We are offering this “on the house” so everyone can get a chance to learn some of the magic and process that goes into crafting the perfect beer, while enjoying a taste of the beers as well of course.

There will be some of the best craft beers on the market available from some of the most world renowned craft brewers, including;

Mountain Man Brewing Co
The White Hag Brewery 
Tom Crean’s from the Dingle Brewing Co
Le Fevre Cirdre

There will be complimentary grub on offer throughout the event and you will be entertained by live music from the White Horse Guitar Club who will rock the night away as you sit back, relax and enjoy the craft beer experience.

This will be an extraordinary night of great fun, beer, music and food…and you might just learn a little in the process.

Top of the Hops kicks off at 7:30pm on January 22nd 2015.

Hope to see all you experienced and budding craft beer enthusiasts then.