We are hiring! – Positions are now available for both bar and waiting staff

Cronin’s are now hiring!

Positions are now available for both bar and waiting staff in our busy pub and restaurant.

Hours are flexible up to 20 hours and up to 35 hours available.

Contact us now with your CV and let us know why you would like to join our team.


Here is some more information on Crosshaven, us and why we think that Cronin’s is an ideal place to work……

Crosshaven village is a picturesque, peaceful, safe fishing village and seaside resort home to the world’s oldest yacht club. The surrounding area is renowned for its scenic beauty and all manner of sea, river and land based activities. Its proximity to Cork, Ringaskiddy and Monkstown makes it a favourite day trip and summer resort for people to relax, mix with the locals and enjoy themselves.

There’s an old saying that you have’nt been to Crosshaven until you’ve been to Cronin’s Pub and the Mad Fish Restaurant.  Here the tradition of entertaining and serving customers goes back to 1893 and today Cronin’s is known for wholesome home baked food using the finest ingredients sourced locally and a novel and varied entertainment calendar. However Cronin’s is about more than the food –  it has a great front of house where due to our continued growth vacancies have arisen. Read on if this interests you and if you think we might be your ideal work place feel free to convince us that we would be mad not to take you on!

We are looking for  talented, high-energy, fun people to join our team to help us give our customers the best possible eating and drinking experience in Ireland.  Cronin’s an ideal place to work because the organisation believes in continuously improving the quality of work life experience for its employees while supporting them to create the life they want outside work. You will work with authentic and credible people who will respect you, see you as an equal and who will treat you fairly. Always. The degree of pride and genuine connection and camaraderie you will feel creates positive relationships with the team and with customers. Your work life experience with Cronin’s will be interesting and if you want you can have varied work with continuous opportunities for learning too.

It takes a very special kind of person to work and perform in the front of house at Cronin’s Pub, Crosshaven. You would be many things all at once; welcoming, warm, friendly and courteous; personable and presentable with excellent personal hygiene and posture; someone who naturally makes a great first impression. You would be a great listener who is able to converse easily with all types of customers by being engaging but not overbearing. You would be energetic, efficient and speedy but also precise. You would be comfortable in advising customers and be confident in selling the full dining experience Cronin’s has to offer. You would know your menu inside out and be knowledgeable about the food and drink you are serving. The most successful waitresses gauge and exceed customers expectations, they know what a customer wants before s/he realises it himself. The best waitresses in the world have high awareness and self – awareness along with strong self – worth. They have strong social perception and service orientation, which means they provide real service and not servitude. The very best waitresses have high emotional intelligence, are instinctive and intuitive, have impeccable manners and have personal pride in their work.

Cronin’s international and local staff serves international and local customers.  Its a team performance and requires everyone to work harmoniously and collaboratively with each other so customers enjoy the best possible experience and prove that by returning and recommending us to their family and friends.  The team values integrity, trust and initiative; this creates an ideal work place environment that is busy and energising and focused on continuously improving the experience the team’s customers enjoy. At Cronin’s your contribution, ideas and opinions are really valued and you will feel as if you are participating in the running of the business.


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